I am Will Lakeman. I am a photographer and writer.
I attended the University of East Anglia (UEA), the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Sussex. Although I earned my degrees in American Studies and literature, my focus was on digital media, ethnomusicology and online culture.
As an artist my interest lies in the background weirdness of everyday life, particularly suburbs, islands and small towns. I'm not particularly interested in depicting reality. I am more inspired by the sea, science fiction, the basic computer entertainment of my childhood and the odd occasion where my brain misfires and causes intense synaesthetic hallucinations. I aim to try and recreate the expansive and unsettling landscape of my subconscious, so this draws me to work mostly in empty spaces and at night.
I'm working on a role playing game that uses semi-random images to improvise around the weird experience of being trapped in a shared dream. To this end I've also been experimenting with using artificial intelligence (machine learning) to produce new imagery. 
I have shown my work at the Private & Public Gallery, CCA Galleries International, Arthouse Jersey and in the men's toilets of Sands Discotheque. I was recently honoured to be awarded the Summer Prize 2021 in the CCA Galleries International Summer Exhibition.
Please use the contact form on the top left of the page to discussion commissions or purchase prints. I do limited edition runs of most of them. I also sell affordable photozines, which I am using to fund the production of a book. I like to collaborate so if you're a musician, film-maker or game designer please get in touch.

This portfolio site is updated semi-regularly, work in progress appears more reliably on my Instagram (link at the button below). You can also message me there.
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